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Our American dream applauds those who can make all of the right moves, take the tough decisions, get the job done. However, for the rest of us, our everyday worlds are increasingly a hyper-normalization of immediacy, confusion and obfuscation. Our mediums tell us what to know and what to understand, but not how to act. We watch, we pause, consider, yet still we cannot decide.

This modern specter of indecision hovers over Julie Alexander’s richly varied compositions, a shadow suspended between the one and the other. Her work, - modest, layered and richly colored, careful in its carelessness - takes this crisis of determination and weaves it into a meditation on the means of deciding.

If our everyday existence, if our every artwork, is made up of thousands of immediate decision points - go left, turn right, place this here, that there, make this mark, sew this color - then Julie’s work keeps those decision points open, floating in the slight spring breeze from the door that we have left ajar. In her states of ephemeral grace, the table is set, but nothing is finished, and everything is still possible.

Ben Heywood 2017

foil on canvas
8 x 10"
Blue glassine with Cloud painting
Acrylic, glassine, quilt backing, shear polyester, wood supports
Cloud painting
Quilt backing, shear polyester, wood supports
10 x 12"
Pride of crows
Acrylic, glassine, foil bags, ribbon, pins
approximately 12 x 6' variable
Fishtail and Polka Dots
Acrylic, ink on linen table cloth. Dots: Acrylic, repurposed fabric, newspaper.
28 x 25 x 14"
Sophie Selfie-blue
Silkscreen print on cotton
34 x 62"
Untitled (small)
Acrylic, ink on terry cloth, wood supports, cork
10 x 13.5"
Finicky Cat
Acrylic on plastic, wood supports
10 x 12"
Sophie Selfie-pink
Silkscreen print on satin
6 x 3'
Him and Her
Acrylic, ink, repurposed fabrics, pins, stick, can
approximately 8 x 8', variable